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Rex Orange County – Sycamore Girl Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Sycamore Girl Lyrics
[Verse 1: Rex Orange County & Thea]
I guess you got me where you want me, girl
And I'm not sure if we should slow it down (slow down)
And I'm ashamed of the way that I've appeared
But I promise I'm not gonna let you down (don't let me down)
By the way, I don't know how to be in love
I'm not afraid, I'm a slave right away
And I'm here for good

[Chorus: Rex Orange County]
And there's not a day that I won't be yours
And I'm glad I'm not alone anymore
Is this too good to be true?
Can't you see I'm just a fool?
But if you have a couple hours... call me tonight

[Verse 2: Thea & Rex Orange County]
I guess I'm falling in the same way
'Cause I know after dark I will want you here (I'll be there)
I'm just like you, boy
We have so much to lose or the best to come
And by the way, it's a way that I haven't felt before
I have to say, that I feel like I've never been so sure

[Chorus: R…

Rex Orange County – Portrait Of Ned Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Portrait Of Ned Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Where is home?
Streets are home
I walk them time and time again
And each time I am alone
Where is she?
Visions of her speak
Visions of her and him together
Living by the sea
But please don't drown
Or let him hold you down
With the waves above your head
And please don't sleep yourself into a dream
I stay beneath your bed

[Verse 2]
But don't go please
A cold breeze
Pulling teeth
Pissed off and nosebleeds
Stay here just for the weekend
See friends later
I wish that I could hate her
But they're just the words that I sold, to you
Maybe girl we could grow old
But the shower is cold
And I'm sour sold
And darker than the black night
This age is old

Rex Orange County – Paradise Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Paradise Lyrics
[Marilyn Monroe]
Uh, do I feel happy in life....
Um, let's see...

[Verse 1]
Don’t miss me when I’m dead
Live life and don’t think twice
Don’t miss me when I’m gone
I’ll see you soon in paradise
When I leave you
Take my last few pennies
And buy yourself something nice
Because, before you know it
We’ll be together again

Forever in paradise
Forever in paradise
Forever in paradise
Forever in paradise

Can’t feel my arms or my legs (uh-uh)
Maybe I’m already dead
I can’t hear my voice, thank God (Why thank God?)
'Cause I hate the sound of my own voice

[Marilyn Monroe]
I would like to be more sociable than I am
But there is something in people where they want - or they need solitude for a while

[Verse 2]
I do my best to keep it with my people
Mh, but what the fuck does that even mean?
Worried 'bout your life
Now another thought of death
How you’re gonna figure out
How you’re gonna do your best
See the reason why they did not understand you in school
Same reason wh…

Rex Orange County – Nothing Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Nothing Lyrics
When we first spent the night
Nothing else would ever feel that way
In my room it all changed

And I could see something in your eyes
I knew that nothing else would be the same
But I wish that I could grow up, the way in which you grow up
'Cause then you'd never see me cry
And I'd feel like a better guy
'Cause nothing, nothing
Oh, nothing, no
I said that nothing else would ever be the same

When we first spent the night
No, nothing else could ever feel that way
In my room it all changed, yeah

[Verse 1: Marco McKinnis]
Nothing seems to be as floral as you, baby
A scarlet love and dew-light touches were so sacred
I could never leave your face
Shower you with my warm embrace, babe

And I still see that in your eyes
I hope that nothing will ever change
'Cause I wish that I could grow up, the way in which you grow up
'Cause then I'd love myself and I, I'd feel like a better guy
'Cause nothing, no, nothing
No, nothing, …

Rex Orange County – Never Enough Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Never Enough Lyrics
Now there's no one left to blame
And your face stays the same
You're ashamed to say you feel relieved
Stay away from your own family

But years from now
If you could make them proud
You could leave the world and feel like you've achieved the things you hoped to do but
Honestly I don't feel ordinary 'cause I haven't been at home in a while
Tell them that it's only temporary
I'm trying my best to smile

But that's never enough
'Cause when you lose the ones you love
You may find it hard to cry
Until it's only you and everybody else has left the room
You may feel what it's like to not know how to feel

You see, my old lady's old man just now left
And there's nothing i can say except this long awaited rest
Is a good thing and all good things must come to an end
It's right in front of me so there's no reason to pretend
Except I'm afraid to die
If this were a movie, you'd be taking our kids to school
And …

Rex Orange County – Know Love Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Know Love Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Not sure what you're looking for
You won't find it here
I attempt to stay, attempt to stay at home
And try to keep my mind clear
Overthinking again
Are my problems deeper than me?
I guess they're deeper than meaning
The more you think about it
So it's always worse than it seems
Overthinking again
Well she was only sixteen

All the things you think about
We'll join the lonely souls and sing this out

I just wanna know love
(Mother won't you tell me)
When will I know love?
(Baby please forgive me)
Not able to show love
There is no love for me
I just wanna know love
(Mother won't you tell me)
When will I know love?
(Baby please forgive me)
Not able to show love
There is no love for me

[Verse 2]
And I didn't know what you wanted
And you didn't know that I was trouble
And we didn't know what could happen, what could happen
I've become sheltered
More than ready for action
And I feel like I forgotten how it feels to…

Rex Orange County – Japan Lyrics

Rex Orange County – Japan Lyrics
You send me round my own head
Thoughts surrounding as I
Lay me down in my own bed

With the sheets like weights
And brain tied down to a stone cold pillow
But the pillow just feels like grey cement
Open your ears for this is my final lament
Love songs ain't for me no more
But these won't be the last you hear for sure
Cause men will send you everything you need
Plus the money, sex
And I can bet they'll all be taller than me
But this isn't about Alex
It never was, you see
It's about the girl who changed him
But it wasn't meant to be
No this was never about Alex
Never about me
It's about the one that was not the one
But I was love-blind to see
But what is love
Or was this love
Or just a minor obsession with what I thought I needed
Was this love, I will never know
But I feel my time is up
But now it's just time for me to go
Don't wait for me
Please don't wait
I respect your decision
But if you ever have a change of heart
Know that it…