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Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear Lyrics

Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear Lyrics

Because of her, because of her
Her eternal summer smile is breaking my defences, I know
Damn well won't find no peaceful sleeping with no her up in my head
Caught me by the collar at the graveside
'neath a sky of royal blue
Like you're saying 'I'm here now'

Loving thoughts living in my young mind
Give this boy a beautiful view
And tell him 'without fear, now'

I never questioned
I was accepting
Until she stepped in, moving like beautiful truth
If there were others in that room
I didn't see 'em babe

Darker than amber
Staring right at her
The first full laughter
Asking six days into June
Spending my evenings on the roof

Can't tire of thinking 'bout you

I wonder if this'll all work out

The summer's shown where we should go
You smile in the winter, let summer show
I'm moving on a feeling here, I don't know
Never hide baby, always grow

I wanna do something for you
But I can see it now
You'd smile and tell me not to
Feel like I've gotta run a heart coup
Will there be demons when we come through

What would it do if I told you

When all of this is over..
Love me like there ain't another day
Lead with the heart ain't that the only way
Keep thinking 'bout how much I changed today

Now I really think you're heavensent
'Cause you've been forcing all these hollow hearts to feel again

Now I really think you're heavensent
But there's a beauty in being broken, I've been seeing it

Can't tire of thinking 'bout you